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  • Vz Members Open Enrollment Period
    Posted On: Oct 11, 2018
    The 2019 Annual Open Enrollment Dates are as follows:
    October 9, 2018 to October 18, 2018 - (these dates are for Active employees and Retirees)
    This is your opportunity to review your benefits and make any changes to your benefits.
    Retirees are urged to make any changes during the annual enrollment period; however they continue to have "Anytime Enrollment". When a retiree makes a change outside of the Annual Enrollment period, the change is effective the first of the month following a 30 day period. So, under "Anytime Enrollment" a retiree could make a change up through November 30, 2018 to be effective January 1, 2019.
    All other 2018 Elections and designations automatically carry over into 2019 Annual Enrollment, Members who want to stay with their plan without any changes don't need to do anything.
    If you have a Qualified Life Event between now and the end of the year, you will need to make changes on BenefitsConnections for both 2018 and 2019. Examples of a Qualified Status Change are adding a spouse if you get married, adding a child when there is a birth of a new baby etc.
    Annual Enrollment Guides will be sent to employees and retirees beginning this week.
    Health Assessment Credit
    Any member who received a Health Assessment credit in 2016 or 2017 or who complete or completed a Health Assessment in 2018 will receive the $100 Health Assessment credit in 2019 without the need to complete an additional Health Assessment in 2019. If you wish to update it, you can do so at any time.  If you are not currently receiving the Health Assessment credit, complete the Health Assessment before December 31, 2018 to receive $100 credit toward your annual medical plan contributions for 2019.
    Non- Tobacco User Credit - $600
    • If you are a non-tobacco user and are already receiving credit, no further action is needed.
    • If you are not receiving this credit and DO NOT use tobacco products, indicate your NON-TOBACCO status on BenefitsConnection to receive your $600 credit towards your annual medical contributions.
    • If you and your covered dependents DO USE tobacco products but have completed a tobacco cessation course within the last six months indicate your status on BenefitsConnections during Open Enrollment for the full credit.
    • If you have NOT yet completed a tobacco cessation course, you can earn the full Non-Tobacco Credit in 2019 if you and/or your covered dependents satisfy the reasonable alternative standard as follows;
    1.) During Annual Enrollment, log on to BenefitsConnection and answer the Tobacco User Status question while completing your Annual Enrollment elections: - answer YES and intend to complete a tobacco cessation course before July 31, 2019.
    2.) Before July 31, 2019, complete a tobacco cessation course such as QuitNet or the Verizon HealthZone Health Assistant, and log on to BenefitsConnection. Answer the Tobacco User Status question: YES and completed a tobacco cessation course within the last 6 months.
    You MUST update your Tobacco User Status response by July 31, 2019 in order to receive the full Non-Tobacco credit. Any update made to your tobacco user status after July 31, 2019 will result in a prorated credit for the remainder of the year.
    In the 2019 plan year, the cost of coverage for the each of the plan options for Medicare retirees and for the Pre-Medicare MEP HCP plan will not exceed the applicable retiree caps. The cost of coverage for the Pre-Medicare EPO plan will exceed the applicable retiree caps, and this excess amount will require contributions.
    Your current elections will automatically continue unless you make a change.
    The billing process will remain unchanged from the process that is in place today for those who are already making contributions.
    ·         Anyone that is enrolled in a benefit that requires contributions will receive a bill.
    ·         Bills are mailed by the 15th of each month with a due date of the first of the following
    month. For example, the bill for the contributions for January 2019 will be mailed/posted to the web by December 15, 2017 with a due date of January 1, 2019.
    Retirees can elect to have contributions paid via ACH debit or pension deduction:
    Because ACH direct debit is the fastest and easiest way for a retiree to pay for coverage, it is highlighted on each monthly invoice that is mailed home to encourage enrollment. The retiree can enroll in this option on the secure BenefitsConnection website by providing his/her routing and checking account number. The balance due would be debited out of their account on the first business day of the month. For example, January's balance would be debited on 1/3/2017.
    A retiree who is receiving a monthly pension also has the option to have his/her deductions taken from their pension check. A retiree would have to call the Benefit Center and speak with a representative to enroll in this option.
    Life & Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D)
    Annual enrollment offers you the opportunity to make changes to your current life insurance coverage amounts and/or waive coverage. The rates for coverage are based on age ranges. As you and your spouse fall into a new age band your costs could increase. If you choose to continue your coverage, no further action is required.
    Verify you beneficiary status to make sure it is accurate and up to date.
    Confirmation Statements
    Similar to last year, confirmation statements will not be distributed to employees and retirees. Confirmation statements can be printed out on the BenefitsConnection website or one can be requested by calling the Benefits Center.

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