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What's New at CWA 1103
Transfers to Assignments
Brooklyn Temporary Tansfers to Assignments
Message from the Executive Board
We are aware that temporary transfers to assignments to Brooklyn and elsewhere are causing a major hardship for those members impacted by the transfers.  It is important for all of our members to know that these transfers to assignments have been going on for over three years and are only now starting to hit departments/work locations that have been immune to such transfers to assignments in the past.  The Executive Board has done everything within its power to keep the transfers to Brooklyn and elsewhere, temporary.  We understand that even temporary transfers create burdens and issues, even though CWA had foresight and was able to successfully negotiate dramatic DTA increases in order to mitigate the hardship of such transfers.  With regard to the temporary transfers to assignments in Brooklyn, the company decided to put conditions on the transfers, which included determining the specific qualifications and work locations from which the transfers would occur from, thereby decreasing the size of the pool of eligible employees. The Executive Board has been successful in increasing the size of the pool a number of times in the past, but the number of volunteers for such transfers were very small or non- existent, which often caused the same members to experience the hardship over and over.  We do not think that is fair.  The Local Executive Board has continuously argued and will continue to advocate for a fair rotation for such transfers to assignments; time limits on the length of transfers; and the creation of larger pools of employees without regard to qualification to be eligible for such temporary transfers to assignments, so the few aren't the only ones repeatedly impacted by temporary transfers to assignments. Every Member should know that just last week the Executive Board was successful in limiting the temporary transfers to assignments in Brooklyn from a year to two months.  This took hard work.  However as a consequence of that activism and achievement, it now means a new group of employees will be rotated into those transfers to assignments.  The Executive Board has no preference and will not decide who will be temporarily transferred to an assignment.  We don't want to see any member go to an assignment against their will.  It would be like asking a parent to choose between children.  There is no right answer.  Our motivation is for the fair treatment of all of our members.  But what is not fair, is for the same members to go over and over and over again, or to go for a year with no relief.  If we have the ability to effectuate a positive change for those treated unfairly, we use it.  This Executive Board is in the arena working to make a bad situation better.  We could choose to sit on the sideline, which frankly would be easier, and allow only a handful to suffer out of sight out of mind for a year, far away from their homes and family.  But that wouldn't be right!  So we stand by our advocacy for fair rotations, time limits, and larger pools of employees to be eligible for such transfers to assignments, because it is the union thing to do and it is the right thing to do. 
CWA LPAT Process Saves Jobs and Decreases Injury for CWA Members

The NYS Budget has been approved and while CWA and its Allies find it  lacking in several ways, CWA Members in Healthcare and Telecom won two very important battles using our LPAT process.

For CWA Healthcare workers the state budget incorporates legislation requiring Safe Patient Handling (SPH) programs.  This a huge step forward for our members in healthcare profession.  CWA's activism and years of work on this issue made a big difference.  Each day our NYACK Hospital Members risked injury due to moving patients using out-of-date practices because state of the art equipment and techniques were not being made available.  With the advent of SPH that will soon change. 

Key elements of the SPH law, which covers hospitals and nursing homes, will include:

1. Creating a statewide workgroup to issue best practices to facilities;
2. Requiring that facilities implement a SPH program through labor/management facility-based committees.
3. Requiring facilities to develop a process allowing health care workers to refuse to engage in activities that are contrary to the SPH policy and could result in worker and/or patient injury.

CWA had been fighting for this needed relief for our Members and their patients for over 5 years.  The truth is it will be harder in facilities without unions to ensure the administrations comply From here on in, this will be a program that facilities with unions will implement because, CWA and its ally Unions will be holding the hospitals accountable to the new law.   Winning this law in to place is yet another reason why it's better to be a union facility for both workers and patients.  CWA and its ally Unions and Coalition friends deserve all the credit for pushing this through for the benefit of both workers and patients.

 For Telecommunication Members for a third year in a row we beat back de-regulatory language that would have hurt our opportunity to achieve the 10, 15 even 20 years we need to reach retirement.   The Governor and Senate sought to take out protections against a bad sale or merger that was not in the Public Interest.  CWA LPAT Coordinators across the state went into full blown action mode to energize the Membership and lobby our legislators to reject this measure that would have hurt our jobs.

And We WON Again! 


Please support

“Laughs for Leah” to benefit the American Cancer Society Relay for Life Team.

In Memory of Leah Veloudas daughter of George Veloudas  CWA Local 1120 Member.

Saturday April 5th 2014

Dinner served 6:30 to 8:30PM

Showtime 8:30pm

Elks Lodge #275

29 Overocker Rd

Poughkeepsie NY


Cost $42 per person includes buffet dinner and entertainment

Guests may call Margaret at (845) 229-2299 for tickets and info or email MOMQ91@GMAIL.COM

CPR Training-Free

Join your Union Brothers and Sisters in CPR training. This is a free training for all union members, no cost to you.

Two classes offered on two different days:

1. Tuesday, April 1st, IBT Local 445, 15 Stone Castle Road, Rock Tavern, NY - 4:00pm to 8:00pm

2.   Wednesday, April 16th, CSEA Region 3, 568 State Route 52, Beacon, NY - 4:00pm to 8:00pm

Become a lifesaver in your community!

Space is limited so RSVP at or call the HVALF at 845-567-7760 to let us know what date you will be able to attend.

Sponsored by the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation

CWA Welcomes Vz Wireless Members
CWA Local 1103 Members send warm welcome to Verizon Wireless workers in Brooklyn who want to Join the CWA.  GOOD LUCK SISTERS AND BROTHERS
Make the Calls Stop Dereg

Did you make the Call Yet to Save our Jobs?

Stop More Deregulation

Make 3 Calls NOW to Protect CWA Jobs & Also Customers

  1.     Make 2 Calls to 518-455-2800 and ask for Senator Ball (R) & then Carlucci (IDC) who are Members of either the Republican (R) or Independent Democratic Conference (IDC).  Urge them to Remove Deregulatory Telecommunications Language from the State Budget (Part R of Bill S6357C).
  2. Then Call Governor Cuomo’s office at 518-474-8390. Urge Governor Cuomo to remove deregulatory telecommunications language from the State Budget (Part R of the Executive Budget’s Transportation and Economic Development Bill)

Governor Cuomo’s budget proposal includes deregulatory legislation that threatens CWA jobs in the event of a telephone network sale or merger.  While the State Assembly has rejected this legislative language in its proposed State Budget, the State Senate’s proposed budget includes this damaging deregulatory legislation.

Under the Governor and State Senate’s budget proposals, the Public Service Commission could “forbear” current laws.  That means the PSC could waive or ignore the law.  This legislation – passed through the state budget process – would mean:

  • PSC could waive state law that offers protection for jobs as well as customers if a telephone company sells its network.  Most recently, Verizon sold its network to Frontier in 14 states.  This budget legislation would eliminate regulatory review of such a process, which currently requires a finding that a sale or merger is in the public’s interest.
  • PSC could also waive state law requiring Verizon and other telephone companies to seek regulatory approval of a major rate increase, which is a process that can protect CWA jobs as well as customers.  The PSC could also waive state law preventing price discrimination.

The State Senate is currently run by a “coalition” of Republican State Senators and five members of the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC).  Call Senators who are members of the IDC or Republican caucuses right now!  Call Governor Cuomo’s office and urge the Governor to remove the language from the State Budget.  This issue will be decided before April 1st, when the State budget is due, so call right now!  

Make These 3 Calls Right Now:          

  1. Make 2 Calls to 518-455-2800 and ask for Senator Ball (R) & then Carlucci (IDC) who are Members of either the Republican (R) or Independent Democratic Conference (IDC).  Urge them to Remove Deregulatory Telecommunications Language from the State Budget (Part R of Bill S6357C).
  2. Then Call Governor Cuomo’s office at 518-474-8390. Urge Governor Cuomo to remove deregulatory telecommunications language from the State Budget (Part R of the Executive Budget’s Transportation and Economic Development Bill)

CWA fights De-Regulation in Governors Budget:
In the Governors budget tucked in between the pages is Article 7 (part R of the TED bill) that allows the PSC to forbear (not apply) sections of the Public Service Law that govern rates for telephone service; price discrimination; and network sales, mergers and transfers of control.

The theory of the Federal 1996 Telecommunications Act was that vigorous “competition” would deliver the highest quality services at the most completive prices to all consumers.  The NYS PSC aggressively implemented this deregulatory approach which CWA fought back against for nearly two decades.  Today the local monopolies are effectively unregulated.  

The proposed Article 7 language change would remove critical consumer protections in the event of a sale of telecommunications lines such as the current proposed Comcast purchase of Time-Warner.   The current language states the PSC must deny any purchase or transfer of control unless it shall have been shown that such acquisition is in the “public interest”.   In 2010, the sale of Hawaii to Carlyle group in 2010 lead to a disastrous switch over and bankruptcy.  The same thing occurred in the sale of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine to FairPoint Communicaitons

CWA rejects the budget legislation to further deregulate the telecommunication industry and demands that NY Stregthen, not weaken, consumer and worker protections.   It is crucial to preserve regulatory protections to protect consumers and workers. 

General Membership Meeting
General Membership Meeting March 26, 2014 at 5:30 pm. UA Local Union No. 21 1024 McKinley Street Peekskill, NY 10566
Blood Bargaining Update
Blood bank and donation bargaining continued again yesterday with very little movement by the company off their original position to eliminate the program immediately, which was to be effective December 31, 2013. A new date in March has been scheduled in order to continue bargaining over this important subject.
Verizon's Disgraceful Attitude Toward your Safety
What happened at Verizon on Thursday February 13 was a disgrace and upper management should be ashamed of themselves for putting you in harms way without so much an inch of concern for you or your safety. In their quest to squeeze profits and drive productivity they overlooked your safety and put you in harms way. At the bare minimum, what should have happened at the height of storm, all personnel should have been called back to work location or other safe havens. Common sense should have prevailed. But because they were wearing their corporate blinders and waving the Verizon pom poms, common decency, sense, and respect for their employees well-being was evaded. This will not be forgotten by Local 1103 get all the info

On February 1, Brookhaven, New York held a town forum to tell Verizon to build out FiOS. According to one attendee, 500 people showed up, including local officials and members of CWA Local 1108.

Verizon has denied the Long Island jurisdiction of some half million people the fiber service that it provides to many areas of New York. Instead, if residents want high-speed broadband, they must contend with a virtual monopoly by Cablevision.

Many in the audience told Verizon to bring in FiOS , but one person went further. Brookhaven Town Supervisor Ed Romaine stood up to tell the company that fines for failure to clean up hazardous telephone poles would begin to incur immediately. Romaine’s remarks are posted on YouTube.

Will Verizon respond? A CWA representative said last month, “We went into this fight knowing we may not win. But if we do nothing about it, we’re guaranteed to fail.”


Brookhaven officials want FIOS expansion (Newsday, Jan. 31, 2014)

Ed Romaine informs Verizon fines begin 2/3/2014 for Double Pole violations (YouTube, Feb. 2, 2014)

Community Leaders, Lobby to have Verizon Build Fiber Optic Services in Brookhaven (The South Shore Press, Jan. 22, 2014)

Retiree in Need

~~   CWA Local 1103 Retiree Patrick Marrinan needs Blood & Platelets

Patrick is currently a patient at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.  His treatment for Leukemia requires regular blood and platelet transfusions. 

Patrick and his family would deeply appreciate your donation of blood and/or platelets and requests you ask others you know to donate. Donations not used by Patrick will be released for use by other patients many of whom are children.

To benefit Patrick Marrinan all designated donations must be made in the Blood Donor Room of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Please visit for complete information about donor eligibility and the donation process for blood or platelets.

For answers to questions and to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you please contact:     
Joe Licata   -   212-639-8177
Manager, Blood Donor Program

 Blood Donor Room – 212-639-7648
1250 First Avenue (between 67th/68th Streets) NYC - Schwartz Building lobby
Open Every Day
Fri Sat Sun Mon     8:30am - 3:00pm
Tues Wed Th         8:30am - 7:00pm

The process for donating whole blood takes approximately 1 hour
The process for donating platelets takes about 2 ½ hours.

Appointments are necessary - All blood types are acceptable

FREE Donor Parking -
-Somerset Parking Garage, 1365 York Avenue – entrance on NW corner of 72nd Street


CWA 1103 leads the fight against another bad trade deal.  Clinton gave us NAFTA, Bush CAFTA and Obama wants the Trans Pacific Partnership.  Yet these trade deals have not brought jobs; rather, they cost us American jobs.  Help spread the word to STOP FAST TRACK for the TPP by watching our Video of the STOP the FAST TRACK TRAIN press conference and rally in White Plains NY. 

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