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Your COPE & LPAT at Work for You
Updated On: Jul 15, 2013

Next time your Steward, LPAT Workplace Member or E-Board asks you to join COPE or you’re ask what do your dollars pay for, know this:

Our jobs are under the threat of technology, and no contract no matter how strong can get an employer in a business they no longer want to be in. 

That’s why we need each Member to contribute to COPE especially in the telecom units.  COPE is our entry into the door, to convince legislators of our need for their support and help to protect our jobs.  Today almost 60% of CWA 1103 telecom workers are in COPE, and it is protecting our jobs. However, it’s a job that is only half done; we need 100% of the Membership to contribute at least $2 a week so that we can keep that door wide open, by electing the right leaders and continually educating them on the right thing to do.

Any questions, just click the links below, and understand COPE helped get Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther elected and educated on the threats to our jobs.  Then if you are not in COPE call your Chief Steward or LPAT Member and ask for a COPE card and join over half of your local fighting for your job.

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