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  • FIOS for All
    Posted On: Jun 11, 2014

    Last Wednesday, at a Special Meeting for Chief Stewards and Stewards, President Kevin Sheil and Secretary Treasurer Joe Mayhew rolled out the Local 1103 Executive Board's plan intended to preserve jobs and give consumers in Westchester and Putnam Counties a choice in their phone, internet, and video provider.  Where there are FIOS franchise agreements, competition exists, so prices decrease while services increase.  Presently, too many residents of Westchester and Putnam counties have no choice of vendor and are forced to pay the price dictated.  This is unfair.     

    Fios for ALL 

    Consumers Getting Ripped Off
    After almost 40 years of deregulation, most of New York is at the mercy of a cable company monopoly. Meanwhile, Verizon is building its state-of-the-art fiber optic network, FiOS, which breaks the cable monopoly on phone, internet and TV service. Yet Verizon is cherry-picking areas to build FiOS, leaving most of New York behind.

    We need reliable and affordable phone and internet service, not a cable company monopoly.

    Business Agent Anthony Pugliese

    Spoke and provided a handout about membership responsibility and steps to follow when going onto disability.  He explained the different types of disability plans, when they take effect, payment procedures, and how justification may need to come from multiple administrators which has led to many pay issues and other member consequences.  The main theme was that it is a complicated process to go through, and if anyone needs assistance to avoid common pitfalls, the he is equipped to handle the situation.   

    Business Agent Kevin Scrobola

    Talked about the lead to succeed program and explained why the Local 1103 Executive Board has pushed for membership involvement.  He said that it provides work because it has generated over a million dollars of income for the company which gives our members security and leverage, if needed.  Also he reiterated that it is a voluntary program, and that the board was proven right in promoting involvement.   

    Business Agent Kevin Campo

    Spoke about the permanent transfer language and explained the 35 mile protection rule and provided handouts to point the stewards and chief stewards in the right direction to know where in the contract that language is.  Also he made clear that prior to 1994, the language that protects members from permanent transfers over 35 miles did not exist. 

    Business Agent Gerry Guarino

    Talked and presented a visual about electrical hazards and safe approach distances to prevent injuries or death in the field.  

    Vice President John Gentile

    Spoke about the B-Roller safety training that is a byproduct of the Doug Lalima tragedy and subsequent OSHA directive.  

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